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The Red Work


The Work of

Black, White, and Red

The Red Work series of Courses is designed to take a practitioner through the stages of the esoteric and spiritual Alchemical Great Work as performed by a Hermetic magician. Each Phase of the Work concentrates on specific aspects of initiation and integration, as well as practical applications of the Work. Alchemists long ago separated the Great Work into three (and sometimes four) phases, the Black Work, the White Work (here some inserted the Teal or Green Work), and the Red Work. The colors were the colors the Philosopher’s Stone turned at various stages of its development. During the Black Work, the impurities rose to the surface and were charred black. Under the proper circumstances, the Stone would then turn White, then pass through the myriad of hues of a peacock’s feather, on its way towards the Red stage, when the Stone was complete.

Training with The Society of Royal Philosophers is open to all – church membership and ordination are not a requirement for training.

However, those pursuing ordination within the Liberal Gnostic Church are required to engage these training courses.