Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked



Are all members of the EGL Ordained?


The Ecclesia Gnostica Liberalis/Liberal Gnostic Church is a Society of Esoteric and Gnostic Initiates within the minor and major Holy Orders only.



What if an EGL Priest wants to serve a congregation?

Then this priest would need to pursue seminary training through our affiliated seminary, St. Basilides of Alexandria Liberal Gnostic Seminary



What’s the Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch?

A dispersed religious Order of ordained men and women actively working with the charism of St. Cyprian of Antioch. Read more about it HERE.



Why would someone want or need to be a priest for their esoteric path?

As for “need” – they do not. However, there are many reasons why they might want to. For example, much of the grimoire tradition historically made the assumption that the sorcerer was already an ordained priest, and many of their instructions are predicated upon this fact.



Can I be ordained online?


Ordination into both the minor and major Holy Orders is conducted in person, in the traditional form.



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