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His Excellency,
The Most Rev. Dr.
Barnabas Foster, Ep. Gn.
Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Gnostic Church

It’s been a long and winding road, starting in the 1980’s. Rather than the more “modern” approach of finding a “Path(tm)” and sticking to it to the end, I took the more 18th & 19th century approach of casting my net wide… but letting it sink deep. I’ve been an initiate and adept of multiple “Orders” and systems – though I took my time (often many years) in each. Mine has been the path of the Wanderer, though not the dilettante.The end result has been an integrated and eclectic system of theurgy (spiritual work/mysticism) and thaumaturgy (practical magick/sorcery) – though calling it an “end result” is a bit misleading, as it continues to grow and evolve.

My graduate degrees are in psychology, and I am a: Theurge/Mystic, Thaumaturge/Sorcerer, Gnostic Bishop with Apostolic Succession, Zen Master, Tarot Reader, and Spiritual Counselor. That means I use a blend of traditional Eastern and Western esoteric knowledge to help facilitate change. My style of work is firmly rooted in Western and Eastern esoteric practices, but has undeniably been influenced by my work with Gnostic Christianity. That’s why you’ll find me performing sadhanas and reciting mantra; conjuring spirits, angels, or elementals; petitioning saints, and celebrating the eucharist.


  • Episcopal Consecration w/ valid Apostolic Succession
  • Presiding Bishop, Liberal Gnostic Church
  • Founder, Sovereign Pontiff & Patriarch Emeritus,
    Apostolic Johannite Church
  • Prior General, Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch


  • Spiritual Alchemy via the Royal Philosophers
  • Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery, Level Up, and Hekate courses
  • The Temple of Set
  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Martinism
  • Freemasonry
  • The Friary/Ordo Sacrae Flammae (Founder, & Grand Master Emeritus)


  • Kōan Training completion
  • Inga / Dharma Transmission


  • Japanese Mikkyo (priest ordination/tokudo; shido kegyo/esoteric ritual training)
  • Tibetan Vajrayana (monastic ordination/gelong & getsul; training & retreats)


  • Clinical
  • New Media
  • Organizational


  • Religious Studies
  • Psychology


  • Peer reviewed articles in psychology journals on the use of Zen Kōans for psychological flexibility
  • Chapter in psychology textbook on the use of Zen Kōans for psychological flexibility