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About the LGC

The Liberal Gnostic Church is an Esoteric, Gnostic community of Initiates with valid Apostolic Succession. We hold and transmit lines of authority from both major European lineages – English and French. Our model is not congregation-based, but instead focused on the private priesthood of the individual for their own empowerment and aid upon their initiatory path.

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What We Teach

The Liberal Gnostic Church draws its teachings from a medley of influences, both ancient and modern – Western and Eastern. While no attempt is made to establish dogma – in this, as in all Gnostic traditions, personal religious experience is the goal that is set before each aspirant and the sole basis on which questions of a religious nature can be answered – certain teachings have been embraced as the core values from which the LGC as an organization derives its broad approach to spiritual issues.

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